gear demos

On this page I'll share some sounds and demo's of some of the Gear that I use

Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster 56 Re-issue - Candy Tangerine

A beautiful Stratocaster that is as light as a feather, this is a great guitar and I love it because it has all the Stratocaster vibe that I want and it plays beautifully. 

Carr Mercury V Amplifier

The Carr Mercury V Amplifier is hand wired, point to point wiring and the attention to detail and build quality is second to none. My favorite amp that I've ever owned.  It's extremely versatile, easy to transport and built like a tank.   This amplifier is a recording guitar player's dream come true, able to cover a huge range of tones in an easily transportable package that also has a direct output which sounds great for recording so you can double track your parts by using the microphone for one track and the direct out for another track and eq them slightly differently and get some great results. 

The Gabriel Tenor String Co - handmade strings

The "feel" of these guitar strings was much better than standard strings in my view and they are a fraction easier to bend too, even though they are the same gauge as I use in other string brands. Tone wise, I found them to sound really warm and they stayed in tune really well too - HIGHLY recommended for recording studio sessions where you want your strings to feel great but not be too bright, they sound nice and warm and feel great under the fingers.